Saturday, June 24, 2017

3 Great Dog Products I Discovered At The BlogPaws Conference

One of the great things about attending a pet industry conference is discovering new pet products.  I get really excited when I discover helpful new products for pets, especially products for dogs!   At this year's BlogPaws Social Media and Bloggers conference, there were 3 dog products that really stood out for me.

The first one was the Easy Walk dog harness from PetSafe.  I happen to love PetSafe, and I'm so grateful to them for creating the Easy Walk harness because it's made specifically for dogs that PULL! Siberian Huskies are by far not the only dogs that like to pull you clear across the county, there are plenty of other dog breeds that love to pull on leash!  We've been using the PetSafe Easy Walk harness for years, since Icy was about a year old.  So why am I so excited about a harness for dogs that I've been using for years?  I'll tell you:

Easy Walk No-Pull Dog Harness from PetSafe
One of our original Easy Walk no -pull Dog Harnesses


I love the Easy Walk no-pull harness sooooo much, it literally saved my sanity!  However, it wasn't the prettiest dog harness, it came in few colors and looked nice but pretty utilitarian.  That makes sense because it's a tool that helps prevent dogs from pulling on leash.  Just because something is a tool that makes your life easier, doesn't mean it can't be pretty, right?!  I had secretly hoped PetSafe would come out with an Easy Walk harness that came in some pretty designs.  Imagine my joy when I walked over to the PetSafe booth in the BlogPaws Exhibit Hall and there it was!  The new Easy Walk harness in several beautiful designs!!

My dog's Beautiful Easy Walk No-Pull dog harness in designs by Pet Safe
Icy's beautiful, new sparkly Bling Easy Walk harness!
I could have kissed the PetSafe folks in the booth, but that would be weird.  Instead I just gushed about how beautiful the new harnesses were and how happy I was that they made some Easy Walk harnesses in beautiful designs.  I was admiring the harnesses when Toni from PetSafe mentioned that although they didn't have it with them that day, they also had a new  BLING   Easy Walk harness!  I love Bling and I love to Bling out my dogs!  They offered to send me one to try, and of course I jumped all over that offer!  A short time later PetSafe sent me the most beautiful purple sparkly Easy Walk harness!! It's gorgeous, I absolutely love it!  It's perfect for walking around town, lunch at dog friendly cafes, trips to the pet store, or an evening at a special pet friendly event.

Icy wore her new Bling harness on a recent trip to PetSmart.  She looked so pretty!

C'mon, let's go into town and show off my new sparkly collar!

Thanks PetSafe, for sending us this gorgeous sparkly Easy Walk harness!  It's perfect!


Another new pet product I found at the BlogPaws conference was Puppy Scoops dog friendly ice cream, made by Puppy Cake!  This is such a cool product, no pun intended!  It's ice cream for dogs that you make yourself.  It's super simple to make and Icy and Phoebe just loved it.  It's perfect for the hot weather we're having right now.   

There are 3 simple steps to "make" the ice cream.  Add water to the mix, Stir, then Freeze right in it's own container!  It couldn't be easier.

Easy to make dog friendly ice cream mixDog friendly ice cream

Easy to make Ice cream for dogs
The container come with the ice cream mix in a plastic bag

Ice cream that's dog friendly and easy to make
Open the contents of the bag into the container, stir in the water and pop into the freezer for a few hours.

Voila!  Delicious dog friendly ice cream!

Puppy Cake also makes several different kinds of Puppy Cake mix for dogs.  I keep wanting to make a cake for my dogs from scratch, but somehow I never get around to it.  The puppy cake mix looks really easy to make, I  definitely want to give that a try as well!


The next product I really liked is also by PetSafe, it's one of their Busy Buddy toys.  At first I thought it was a pink Rhinoceros, because it's so sturdy and tough, but it's actually a Unicorn!  It comes with 4 rawhide treat rings that you can place around the Unicorn's neck.  Icy couldn't wait to get her paws on that pink unicorn - she loved playing with it!

PetSafe Busy Buddy rawhide treat toy.  It keeps dogs busy and playing!
The PetSafe Busy Buddy comes with 4 rawhide treat rings and is easy to set up for play
At first it seemed a bit puzzling to use, but it's actually simple to get the rings around the neck of the toy; just push the head in and twist is right off to put the rings on.  It provides great mental stimulation as dogs work to get at the treat ring.  Icy continued to play with it even after she ate the treat ring!  Note: Always supervise dogs' playtime with any toy or chew, don't leave them unattended.

As you can see from this 30 second video, Icy is thoroughly enjoying her Busy Buddy toy!


It was so much fun meeting great brands at the conference and seeing what new products they have come out with.  I love getting that sneak peak!

How do you like Icy's new purple Bling harness?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you think, we love reading your comments!


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

When Should Your Pet See The Veterinarian?

Your pet may be a puppy or kitten, or perhaps you've just adopted an adult dog or cat.  If your pet isn't sick or injured, when should you take them in to see the Veterinarian?  It's not always easy to know when or how often you should vaccinate your pets or take them to the Vet for physical examinations.  PETCO has shared a helpful Info-Graphic to use for reference!

This graphic is great to keep on hand so we'll always know the optimal time for our precious pets to pay a visit to the Vet for:

🐈Well Pet Exams 
🐶Senior Pet Exams 
🐈Examinations before boarding, travel, or even grooming



Your veterinarian is a great resource, not just when your pet is sick or injured, but for preventative health as well. 

Your veterinarian can guide you through the health of your pet at every stage of your pet's life. Your veterinarian can even show you how to properly trim your dog or cat's nails so you don't have to dread trimming your pet's nails yourself!

Daily observations and knowing what is normal for your pet is your best health advantage. Paying attention to times that your dog or cat seems a little off will help your veterinarian diagnose and address problems early.


Having a Veterinarian you visit regularly, one you can ask questions of and who will listen to your concerns, is the best way to build a health care team for your pets.  A good health care team can help promote great physical, mental, emotional, and social health for your pets!

Thanks to Petco for sharing this wonderful Info-Graphic to help us keep our pets healthy from Head to Tail!  For more tips visit the Petco Community web site.

When you should see your Veterinarian for vaccinations and wellness checkups. Pet Health Care Tips
I do all I can to keep my dogs healthy and happy.  Proper Vet care & a good Veterinary team is essential
Do you find this Info-Graphic helpful?  Please leave a comment and tell us!  We always want to share information that is relevant and helpful to our readers.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

How Bloggers Can Work With Brands They Love

At the annual BlogPaws Blogging and Social Media Conference, you will always come away with great learnings and a list longer than your arm of take-aways to improve your Blogging and Social Media skills.  I always look forward to learning how I can grow my blog traffic and my social media channels even more.  This year's conference did not disappoint!

How to work with the brands you love as a Blogger.  Learnings from the BlogPaws blogging & social media Conference
My blog is a business, driven by a Passion for my own pets and for helping animals in need.


Like many bloggers, I consider my blog more of a business than just a fun hobby.  It's a business driven by passion.  Passion for animals, passion for helping homeless animals, and passion for my own pets!

The more money I make through blogging, the more time I can justify spending on my blog and the more I can give to the causes I am most passionate about.  For this reason, one of my key blogging goals is always trying to increase revenue from my blog.  The learning sessions at the BlogPaws conference are always so helpful in working towards that goal.

As I prepare for the conference, I start by searching for the working sessions that will help me accomplish my Blogging Business Goals.  At this year's conference, one of those sessions was WHAT ARE YOU WORTH IN 2017 AND HOW TO GET BRANDS TO BELIEVE IT! presented by two great bloggers I love; Bryn Nowell creator of the blog A Dog Walks Into A Bar and Alison Reder creator of the blog Sarcastic Dog.  I was so impressed at the research Bryn and Alison compiled in the months prior to the BlogPaws Conference in preparation for their presentation! They did a great job and provided so much insight and so many helpful blogging tips!  Tips on how to work with brands you love and how to improve your blog to attract the brands you want to work with. 

Blogger Tips on working with the brands you love from BlogPaws presentation by Bryn Nowell and Alison Reder
The educational sessions at BlogPaws conferences are so helpful in achieving your blogging goals!
Bryn and Alison surveyed both Bloggers and Brands to find out what makes them want to work together.  They gained valuable insight into what brands are looking for when they select bloggers they want to work with and what makes brands NOT want to work with a blogger.   You may think the numbers are all brands care about, but you'd be wrong.  Brands don't only want to work with bloggers that have the highest number of monthly blog views, there are other things they look for. Some of those things may surprise you!


Bryn and Alison started off by talking about how brands find bloggers they'd like to work with. The top 5 ways brands find bloggers they want to work with are:

🐶 GOOGLE SEARCH - they search for the kind of bloggers they're looking for via Google search.  That makes sense, if you're looking for dog bloggers you search for dog bloggers.  Make sure your blog is searchable for the things you want to be known for.

🐶 INSTAGRAM - this was interesting to me, I thought brands would be more focused on Facebook.  I hadn't paid that much attention to growing my Instagram account, but since Bryn & Alison's presentation I have focused on it a lot more! 

🐶 OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA - I'm a big Twitter user and have focused more on promoting and growing on Twitter much more than my other channels.  Now I'm going to focus more on my other channels for growth as well.

🐶 PR FIRMS - Yes, I know, they seem to always say whatever brand they're representing is "unable to pay" for any work you do to promote their products. Apparently, brands also rely on PR Reps to help them find blogs that are a good fit for the brand so don't ignore PR Reps, keep those relationships going! 

🐶 BLOGPAWS - this was music to my ears!  I was so happy to see that our BlogPaws community was high on the list of places brands look to find bloggers they want to work with.  If you're not already a member of the BlogPaws community, please join us - It's Free!

They talked about several other avenues brands use to find bloggers they want to work with but these were the top 5.


Next, Bryn and Alison talked about the reasons a brand may select particular Bloggers to work on their campaigns.  Here are the Top 5 Reasons a brand will choose a blogger for a campaign...


The number one thing a brand will base their blogger selection on is, and this one is no surprise, BLOG POST CONTENT.  Obviously, if you have a dog blog they expect you to write about dogs, they don't expect blog posts about collecting model cars!

😻 QUALITY OF IMAGES -  is a very big reason brands will choose to work with a blogger - or not.  Of course images are important, but it surprised me that it was the number two reason a brand will chose to work with a blogger or not.  Bryn and Alison mentioned this many times during their presentation.  I spent much of last year working on my photography skills, and this year I'll be focusing on developing my video skills.  Time well spent, I'd say!

😻 COMMUNICATION -  from the Blogger.  Following up in a timely manner, delivering what you said you promised you would, and the quality of your communications with the brand.  This was a bit of an eye opener for me.  Of course, all these things are important but I didn't realize how important they were to a brand's decision to work with me or not.  Good to know, right?!

😻 POST ENGAGEMENT -   A brand will not be impressed by a blog post that has zero engagement.  No surprise there!  With active promotion and a good network of blogger friends that shouldn't be an issue.

😻 VALUES -  Matching the values of the Blogger to the Brand is important to a brand.  This makes sense.  A brand that makes high quality safe dog products doesn't want to see you promoting a product that seems unsafe such as a shock collar (Heaven forbid!)


Another interesting thing Bryn and Alison talked about was why a Brand might want to work with a smaller blogger.  We tend to think that a brand wouldn't want to work with bloggers that don't have "the numbers", but apparently that's not always the case.    Your content, quality of your images, meeting deadlines, and social engagement are all factors that could sway a brand to work with you even if your numbers aren't high.  Good News, right!?


They also talked about why a brand would choose NOT to work with a blogger even if they had stellar numbers.  Here are a few things that turn them off:

The Alignment of a Brand's messaging with the Blogger's content was number one.  You and the brand need to be a good fit.  Content and Image quality are also important  Both of these things make perfect sense.  

The fourth reason may surprise you - having a Poor Reputation will turn a brand off!  What constitutes a poor reputation?  One thing I know will get you a bad rep is trashing any other brand online.  If you're trashing that brand, what might you one day say about them??  

I would venture to say that today's U.S. political climate has also brought out the worst in many of us. Friendships have broken up, online bickering and UNfollowing seem like they're at an all time high! Making harsh negative comments about sensitive subjects online is probably something a brand would cringe at.  You also don't know to whom a business, any business, is loyal. Many businesses are die-hard political party supporters.  If a brand sees you making harsh comments about the political party they have allegiance to and strong relationships with, it could work against you.

Why Brands choose to work with bloggers, or not from BlogPaws presenters Bryn Nowell & Alison Reder
Slide from BlogPaws Presentation by Bryn Nowell & Alison Reder: Reasons why Brands may choose NOT to work with a blogger, even if the blogger's numbers are great.
Bryn and Alison put together this slide, which shows several other reasons a brand may choose NOT to work with a Blogger, even if their numbers are great. Keep these in mind as you navigate through your online world.

Brands will search you online.  If you think they won't ever see negative things you post, think again. It's amazing what they might be able to uncover.  Your reputation is indirectly a reflection on them, so brands are careful about who they work with.  It's hard to resist the temptation to lash out against the injustices we see online, I get that.  Whether or not to do so is a decision only each of us can make. We should all proceed with caution!

There were many more tips and learnings in this incredible presentation, far too many to list here!  In closing, Bryn and Alison advised us to create our Branding Strategy and maintain focus on Integrity and Professionalism.

I want to thank Bryn Nowell and Alison Reder for all the research and hard work they put into this incredible presentation!  The insights and advice I gleaned from them will be so helpful to me in achieving my blogging goals.  I hope this excerpt from their presentation will help you as you work toward your blogging goals as well!    
Please visit Bryn at  A Dog Walks Into A Bar and Alison at  Sarcastic Dog  If you don't already follow these great bloggers, you should!!

Note: This is a PetSmart Affiliate link. If you make a purchase through this link I may make a few pennies in commission, which would be much appreciated!

Did you find the information in this post helpful?  Please leave us a comment and let us know - we always want to know if the information we share is helpful, interesting, or entertaining!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Just a few of my favorite photo memories from the BlogPaws Conference.

Phoebe looks adorable in her sparkly new Happy Hour dress at the BlogPaws bloggers conference
Phoebe looking pretty in her sparkly Yappy Hour dress
I always enjoy visiting the Vita Bone booth at the BlogPaws conference to see what's new with them in terms of dog treats. Nosey Phoebe stuck her little nose in the box to sniff what goodies the Vita Bone ladies were unpacking!

Here she is from the other side - Photo courtesy of Jenni Dold, Vita Bone representative.

Visiting the Vita Bone booth at the BlogPaws conference to see what new dog treats they have!
Nosy Phoebe sticking her little snout into the box of Vita Bone dog treats!

With Carol Bryant at the BlogPaws blogging & social media conference
With Carol Bryant, BlogPaws Exec team member and author of the blog Fidose of Reality at the Nose to Nose Awards dinner

At the PetSafe booth in the Exhibit Hall at the BlogPaws Conference
Kristin Avery of The Daily Pip blog with my dogs Icy and Phoebe at the PetSafe booth in the Exhibit Hall of the BlogPaws conference
I always visit the Natural Balance booth to see what new natural dog food products they've got. 

Visiting the Natural Balance Pet Food booth and the BlogPaws blogging and social media conference
Icy visiting the Natural Balance Pet Foods booth.
One of the best things about the conference is seeing all our wonderful blogger friends!!

Pictured with Kristin Avery of The Daily Pip, Robin Mudge of Playful Kitty, and Susan Nation of Talent Hounds.  Congrats to Susan for winning the BlogPaws Nose to Nose Award for Best Pet Video On A Blog!

The highlight of this year's conference was being a BlogPaws Conference Ambassador!  I'm pictured here with Chloe Divita (left) BlogPaws Chief Of Everything (COO) and my fellow Conference Ambassadors; Paula Gregg of Sweet Purrfections, Robin Mudge of Playful Kitty, Me, Elizabeth Keene of  The Chronicles of Cardigan,  Maggie Marton, BlogPaws Exec & author of the Oh My Dog blog, Jodi Chick, of Kol's Notes and Jennifer Costello of My Brown Newfies.  I loved working with these guys to help promote and share all the awesomeness that is the BlogPaws Conference!

Posing w/ my fellow BlogPaws Conference Ambassadors, Chloe Divitia, and Maggie Marton

Although I'm not exactly facing the camera, I love this photo of me with my husband John, Icy in her DIY skirt, and Phoebe. Icy, Phoebe and I are all wearing animal prints!  Mine is in my shoes.

BlogPaws pet blogger & social media Conference awards reception
Me with my husband John, Icy and Phoebe at the BlogPaws Nose to Nose Awards reception
If you didn't get to attend this year's conference, check out the blog posts shared by attendees on the BlogPaws Conference Post Blog Hop  You can get up to speed on all the Blogging & Social Media education and fun!  Thanks for reading my not-so-wordless Wordless Wednesday post!


Friday, June 9, 2017

My Dog Is Lord Of The Manor at Coindre Hall

One of the things Long Island, NY is well known for is it's "Gold Coast".   From the 1890's until after World War II, Long Island was one of the places the super rich flocked to.  Over several decades wealthy families built lavish, pretentious estates.  Post WW II, many of those homes were sold off or taken over by local government.  One such estate is Coindre Hall in Huntington, Long Island.  The 34 acre estate was constructed in 1912 but the original owner lost it following the stock market crash of 1929.  It lost most of it's glory and today is owned by the public parks department of Suffolk county.  The good news is that the outside grounds are dog friendly!

Dog Friendly Coindre Hall in Huntington Long Island, NY
Icy on the grounds of Coindre Hall.  You can see the old mansion in the distance.


This place looks like something out of Taylor Swift's music video Blank Space.  Actually, that video was filmed at Oheka Castle which is also in Huntington just a few miles from Coindre Hall.  It should come as no surprise that my favorite parts of her video are all the animals that appear in it!  I especially loved the two beautiful black Doberman Pinschers walking with the couple across the grounds of the castle.  Psst! Hey Taylor, Icy gives your Blank Space video 2 paws up!  She would love to appear in one of your awesome music videos too - she's available any time you might have a need for a lovable Husky who loves to give sloppy kisses!!

The moment we saw that video we recognized Oheka.  They do weddings there and we were considering it for our wedding back in 2004... until we found out the price - Yikes!!  We did, however, spend our wedding night there.  We couldn't afford to have our actual wedding at Oheka, but we could afford one night's stay, LOL!  Unlike Coindre Hall, Oheka Castle does not allow dogs.


Coindre Hall overlooks the Long Island Sound.  At the end of the grounds is a small beach area.  Walking along this wall by the water is a bit precarious so we only let Icy get up there for a quick photo op.  The wooden pier in the background was destroyed during Hurricane Sandy.  Sadly, it has never been rebuilt.  John and I used to walk out on that pier to watch the sunset.  It was very romantic, we really miss that.

Dogs love the beach and Icy is no exception.  Coindre Hall leads down to the water and a small beach

Check out how high the water level is!  Usually, Icy and I can step off this dilapidated dock and walk along sand into the water.  The tide was so high, there was virtually no sand visible.  One of my earlier posts showed the beach during low tide, with lots of dogs playing on the beach and in the water.

Icy at the water's edge on the beach at dog friendly Coindre Hall
Icy was disappointed we couldn't walk along the beach into the water, the tide was so high.
There's a pond on the grounds as well.  Icy loves to explore what creatures might be lurking in and around the pond!

Icy exploring the pond on the grounds of dog friendly Coindre Hall

There is some woodsy area to explore as well, Icy loves sticking her nose into everything!  Thankfully, she didn't stick her snout into any poison ivy!

Icy exploring the woodsy area at Coindre Hall.  Dogs are allowed on the grounds of this mansion


Siberian Huskies love to RUN!  The grounds are pretty large and there were only one or two other dogs there so we pretty much had the place to ourselves.  We let Icy run free without the leash, which we rarely do.  She loved running through the field and up the hill!  We ended our time on the grounds of Coindre Hall by taking a short video of her running up the hill one last time.

Long Island in general isn't very dog friendly, so I'm glad we have a place like Coindre Hall right here in our town.  It was such a wonderful day, Icy was passed out in her doggie bed by 8pm!

Do you know of any dog friendly historic mansions?  Leave us a comment & tell us, we LOVE hearing from you!

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Monday, June 5, 2017

Pet Companies Give Back To Pets and People In Need

You've gotta love companies that Give Back!  I'm always happy to learn about companies in the pet industry that give back to help both pets and people in need.  Two such companies were sponsors of the BlogPaws Conference last month. Natural Balance Pet Foods and Bayer Animal Health are two companies that are very passionate about pets and their people!  They both give back in unique and wonderful ways.

Icy and Phoebe rocking the Red Carpet at the BlogPaws Conferece. Thanks to Natural Balance pet Foods for sponsoring the Red Carpet event.
The founder of Natural Balance Pet Foods, famous actor Dick Van Patten, was not only extremely passionate about pets he was also passionate about Guide Dogs.  He admired how much these dogs helped to empower people who were visually impaired, and he wanted to lend his support.

Natural Balance has donated over $6 million to organizations that help people who are blind or have low vision.  One of those organizations is Guide Dogs For The Blind.   Guide Dogs For The Blind has a large network of trainers, puppy raisers, donors, and volunteers.  They prepare highly qualified Guide Dogs to serve and empower people who are blind or have low vision.  Guide Dogs For The Blind relies entirely on private funding and volunteers, they receive no government funding.  Their services are provided Free to recipients.

“It takes an average 251 volunteers to help a single puppy become a Guide Dog” – Guide Dogs For The Blind

Thank You Natural Balance for your generous support of Guide Dogs For The Blind! 


Leaders in Limited Ingredient pet food, Natural Balance has just introduced a new High Protein dog food that contains 32% protein.  The average level of protein in most pet food is 23 – 28%.  Their High Protein dog food is made for active dogs, and contains no grains and no potato.  Icy had the chance to try this new food at the conference, where she gave it a resounding Paws Up!

Icy dug in & loved the NEW Natural Balance High Protein food!
Icy pretty much loves all of Natural Balance's food and treats!
Mark your calendars, September is National Guide Dog Month!  Natural Balance will be celebrating  NationalGuide Dog Month, will you?  


From the same company that brought us Bayer Aspirin, Bayer Animal Health is a leader in animal health, bringing us products like Seresto, K9advantix, and Advantage/II.  They're also a huge supporter of the Pet And Women Safety Act (PAWS).

There are currently no laws that protect the pets of domestic violence survivors. Although the pets of domestic violence victims are often abused as well, many domestic violence shelters do not accept pets.  This often leaves pets in peril, and at the mercy of abusers.

Pets are often used to terrorize and psychologically control domestic abuse victims.  Many victims of domestic violence will not leave a terrible situation because they fear for the safety of their pets and cannot bear to leave them behind.   Knowing this, Bayer has lent their considerable support to the Pet And Women Safety Act (PAWS), and has asked that all of us support it too.  

🐶 More than 4 million women in the U.S. are assaulted or beaten every year, that's one every 9 seconds!  

🐱 Approximately a million animals are abused every year because of domestic violence that occurs in their home.

🐰 71% of pet owning domestic violence abuse victims entering shelters have reported that their pets were threatened, injured, and even killed by their abuser.  Abusers commit these acts out of revenge or in order to psychologically control their victims. 

🐻 According to The Hill, 1 in 4 women has experienced domestic violence in her lifetime, and domestic violence is a leading cause of homelessness. Intimate partner violence is estimated to cost the US economy $8.3 Billion per year, through medical costs and lost productivity.

🐺 Pet owning women in domestic abuse situations often feel trapped, especially since so few domestic violence shelters accept pets.  This often causes these women to remain in the abusive situation.

These are terrifying and unacceptable facts.  No One should have to choose between leaving an abusive situation and the safety of their beloved pet.  PAWS strives to make accommodations for the pets of domestic violence victims more available at domestic abuse shelters. 

By supporting the Pet And Women Safety Act, you are providing protection to all survivors of domestic violence, including their pets. Please help protect domestic violence survivors and their pets. 


You can help victims of domestic violence AND their pets by doing 3 simple things:

1. Click on this link to Learn about the PAWS ACT by watching the video.  

2. After watching the video, scroll down to Sign the Petition letting your official representatives know that you support the PAWS Act and that you'd like them to support it too.  

3. SHARE the video to help raise awareness about the plight of abused women and their pets in domestic violence situations, and about the PAWS Act.

The PAWS Act web site makes it so easy, you don't even need to craft a letter or know which of your state's representatives to contact, the web site has the petition letter already prepared (for email or print & mail) and will bring up the official representatives (approx. 3 reps) for you based on your address - it couldn't be any easier to support this critical piece of legislation and help abused women and their pets escape to safety!  

There certainly were tears when Trish, a former victim of domestic abuse, shared her story of survival during Bayer's BlogPaws Conference presentation.  Thanks to Noah's Animal House, a full service boarding facility on the grounds of the largest women & children's shelter in Nevada, T
rish was able to escape an abusive situation without having to leave her beloved pets behind.  When she talked about how much it meant to be able to have her pets with her, there wasn't a dry eye in the house!

Thanks to Bayer for supporting the Pet And Women Safety Act (PAWS) and for being a great conference sponsor!
It was great fun meeting the folks from Bayer Animal Health at the BlogPaws Conference!  I'm grateful to them for supporting such an important initiative, and I'm happy to lend my support as well.  I signed the petition and reached out to my local representatives from the PAWS web site to let them know I support the PAWS Act and that I'd like them to support it to!  The site even pre-populated my representatives' Twitter emails for me to tweet them about supporting the PAWS Act!

Are you familiar with the Pet And Women Safety Act (PAWS)?  Are you familiar with Guide Dogs For The Blind?  Please let us know in the comments!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Summer Safety Tips For Pets

Summer Time, Summer Time, Sum... Sum... Summer Time!!

It's Summer, the time of year both pets and their people look forward to all year.  It's the time of year dogs don't have to beg their people to take them outside, their people are begging them to go outdoors!

Along with all that fun outdoor activity comes a variety of pet safety tips we've packed away in the closet of our minds for Winter storage.  I haven't thought much about all the safety tips for dogs in the Summer, those important pet safety measures I follow in Summer, until now.  

Summer safety tips for pets
Icy and Phoebe love going to the beach!
I've unpacked those important safety tips for dog owners from my mind's closet and jotted them down so they're top of  mind as my dogs and I enjoy the great outdoors from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  Here are my top Summer safety tips for dogs, most of which apply to cats and other pets you may bring along on outdoor adventures.


I can't write about safety tips for dogs in the Summer without starting with the beach!  Dogs love the beach and so do their people, but it's important to keep dogs safe, there are some potential dangers for dogs at the beach.

Dehydration is the first thing to worry about.  Bring lots of water along and make sure your pet stays well hydrated!

Take dogs to the beach before 10am or after sunset when the sand is cool.  Sand can easily scorch your pet's paws!  Be careful as you walk across asphalt or concrete parking lots, it can burn your pup's sensitive paws too.  You may want to carry your dog or put some pet booties on him.

The beach can be a great outing for you and your dog.  Here are some additional Beach safety tips for dogs.

NOTE: This is an Amazon Affiliate Link


Watch out for Bicycles, Skate boards, and other things that keep people, especially kids, on the move along sidewalks or in parks.  Many dogs are afraid of skate boards and bicycles and will bark at or chase them as they whiz by.  This can be a danger to your pet as well as the person riding by them.  Try to get your dog used to bikes and skate boards, or any other contraption that might zoom by.  Create a positive association with these items and the people riding them for your dog, perhaps using some training exercises and treats.

Speaking of kids, not every child knows how to properly approach or interact with a dog.  Don't be afraid to tell the child to wait until you know a parent is nearby or that the kid knows how to approach and interact with dogs.  As a Therapy Dog handler, I am always aware of this.  It's amazing but some kids have never been taught how to properly pet or treat a dog. I've had kids get really close to Icy's eyes or mouth and I have to instruct them how to pet her, gently and along her side.

Summer safety tips for dogs
Icy is always running through the bushes & rolling in the grass in our yard.


Another danger pets face even more so in Summer (as well as Fall) are fleas and ticks!  Dogs love to run through bushes and tall grasses, swim in lakes and ponds, and lay in the dirt and wet sand.  Although they're a threat all year long, with Summer comes an increased risk of fleas and ticks.  Protection against fleas and ticks is an important aspect of pet health.  Tickborne diseases like Tick Fever (Anaplasmosis) can really make your dog sick!  There are many ways to keep your dog protected against fleas and ticks. I use Bravecto, an oral flea/tick medication, all year long to protect Icy and Phoebe.  


Unfortunately, people often don't adhere to rules about keeping their dogs on leash.  Despite the fact that a park, campground, or hiking trail may have warning signs that all dogs must be leashed, there are always people who violate the rules.  This is one of my personal pet peeves.  I don't bring my dogs to off leash areas, other than one local dog park where I know many of the people and their dogs.  I'm always wary of loose dogs in public areas, and the all too familiar "Don't worry, he's friendly!" line that people who insist on letting their dogs run loose spew out.  You never know how any dog may react to your dog and vice versa.  Just like people, every dog is an individual and every situation is different.  

Make sure your dog has solid Leave It! and Emergency Recall training skills.  Be aware.  Please don't bring a reactive or skittish dog into an off leash area, it's so stressful for them.  Please keep your dog on leash if you're in an area where that is the rule.


Around here, it seems like gardeners are out nearly every day mowing, pruning, fertilizing and applying those nasty Pesticides!  Those dreaded tiny yellow signs on lawns that warn you dangerous pesticides have been applied make me cringe.  In fact, we got a letter last week from a company that sprays for mosquitoes.  Apparently, our neighbors are sick of the blood sucking mosquitoes we have in our area and have hired reinforcements.  The letter "recommends" that we keep our pets indoors for one hour after they have sprayed at our neighbor's house!  They also advise keeping our doors & windows shut during and after they've sprayed.  They plan to spray twice a month through September!  We do not look forward to that.

Pet safety tips for Summer
Phoebe loves to smell all the flowers in our yard and in other peoples' yards


Wildlife is also out in droves all Summer long.  Critters from raccoons to squirrels, moles, deer, rabbits, frogs, birds, opossums (yes, an opossum is the same thing as a possum!), and who knows what else may end  up in your yard, at parks, or on hiking trails!  

We have a possum that hangs out behind our garage at night and Icy is so curious about him.  I worry because if cornered it may try to scratch her face.  I don't let her spend more than a couple of moments out there at night.  Some wildlife may be aggressive and can potentially carry diseases.  If your dog bites a wild animal, she could get infected with Leptospirosis or other disease.  If your pet gets bitten by any wild animal, you should call your Veterinarian right away.  

Keep these safety tips for dogs and other pets in mind as you enjoy the Summer!!

Do you know of any other pet safety tips for Summer ?  Please leave us a comment & share, we always LOVE hearing from you!